Digital Signage Solutions for your advertising campaign.

Digital signage various in numerous forms, from indoor and outdoor digital signage, discover what options are available for your digital signage solution.

Use our knowledge for your digital signage poster or outdoor digital advertising campaign. Digital signage is the most affordable way to get any business's marketing message across. As technology advances and the cost of the digital signage hardware drops, this makes dynamic signage a real affordable advertising solution allowing any size business to participate.

There are three main types of digital signage, and they are:

Outdoor digital signage, were a large LCD television is used and a media player, these are normally installed in un-manned areas such as transit hubs and sometimes need protecting using an digital signage enclosure..

Then there are the indoor digital signage units that incorporates interactive kiosks, digital posters (the ideal entry level solution) and floor standing advertising displays - we have all seen them in shopping malls with huge video walls and these can gather a wealth of information if using demographics as well as highlighting your product and brand.

digital signage

The last category is mobile digital signage, this is a new emerging industry that any business can use to promote any product or service, these are being installed on buses, taxi's, and even people...

How digital signage works.

The solution comprises of a commercial grade screen and a media player, even in the entry level solutions media players are included to store the content locally on a memory card, the content can be over written using a USB drive and the remote control that manages the internal operating software. We have used Flash content, as well as simple images and videos on some of the campaigns we have produced. These solutions tend to work straight out of the box for an uncomplicated deployment.

Digital menu boards are also used to up sell the "special" and at the same time provide food labeling information, this is easily achieved compared to traditional methods of advertising. This is one of the main reasons why this type of digital advertising is so successful, as the menu can be changed within seconds of produce going out of stock or new local produce being used.

The networked digital signage solutions are ideal for larger installations such as throughout a chain of hotels, restaurants etc and when controlling the content from one central location is essential to reinforce the corporate brand. The saving in labour costs and productivity proves digital signage to be a more cost effective solution than have a member of staff update the content manually at each location.

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