Mobile digital signage.

This is a new sector that is growing at an unbelievable rate, many companies are looking to get their "sales message" across to people wherever they are and when ever they can.

We've supplied protective enclosures for digital signage solutions that have been installed in taxi's. Ideal for visitors and locals alike, with restaurants and other attractions broadcasting their offers to the captured audience...

We recently introduced our vandal proof LCD enclosure to the transportation services and this has been a huge hit, with many local businesses able to market their product, services to the passengers, using either blue tooth or wireless technology.

These vandal proof displays can cope with anything that is thrown at them, literary and they are being installed on to buses. Then when the bus reaches a wireless signal (normally 2 stops away for the company advertising), this triggers the media player to play the digital, dynamic advertising for the store at the next couple of stops. So the passengers know what's on offer and when!

However there are also some signage signs that are based on old advertising techniques with a new technology twist. Remember the old "sandwich board", well now there is a new twist, how about the digital signage vest?

This is a fully operating digital sign, the unit has an integral media player that plays media stored on a memory card, similar to the indoor digital poster. Now all the wearer has to do is put it on and walk round, the sign will certainly get noticed!