Outdoor Digital Signage.

This is were LCD displays are located outside, normally in public areas, advertising particular brands, etc. the LCD display and media player are stored in a secure and weatherproof TV enclosure. These outdoor digital signs can be networked together, covering entire countries and even the world - the content can be changed from one central location (normally the head office).

 electronic billboards

The laptop represents the central operation centre, that connects to the media players and LCD displays via the Internet, either a hard wired or wireless connection.

The easiest way to explain the process is:

You create the content or if you can't create your own media, outsource it, then upload it to the media players simultaneously via a wired or wireless Internet connection. The media is then displayed or can be scheduled to start playing at a set time and day, depending upon the content management software used at the central operations centre.

This will certainly save time and costs in creating duplicate media and mailing the CD's to the relevant sites for the Manager to installer the media.

Another configuration would be standalone touch screen digital signage, these have to be NEMA 4X or IP65 for outdoor use, here everything is incorporated into a standard unit, that is vandal proof and water proof. It is available in a range of sizes from 27" up to 50" LCD displays that are in the portrait position, complete with integral media player and Content Management Software, these can be accessed remotely, for more information on this and our our other touch screen solutions.

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