outdoor lcd enclosures

  • Factory installation, offering industrial protection

  • Outdoor digital signage market

  • Psychiatric hospitals

  • General hospitals

  • Passenger information terminals

  • Correctional facilities

Plasma TV cabinets are becoming increasingly popular due to the advancement of technology and the massive improvement in new plasma design, these have now better facilities than they did previously, the issues with pixel burn has been reduced enormously and now plasma TV's are the ideal choice compared to LCD displays.

This is down to the low prices that the new technologies are priced at, now anyone can afford to use either an LCD or plasma display.

One of the main differences between an LCD and plasma television enclosure, is the cooling, as a plasma display needs more cooling, our units offer special plenum cooling systems, using the positive pressure cooling system, we also use "cool tubes" that offer the same functionality as air conditioning but around half the price! If you require air conditioning, we will also fit this too.

Our protective plasma television enclosure offers the following protection, waterproof to IP65 or NEMA 4X, as well as being vandal proof.

Our product range starts from 17" TV enclosures up to 70" and are available in both coated mild steel and stainless steel.

The units are ideal for factory floors as well as a shopping mall, offering the perfect protection any television outside it's normal operating environment.

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